Saturday, April 8, 2017


It's been a while since I have had a chance to get any more cotent online, but there is a lot of new material coming.

"The Harmonic Minor Scale and its Modes for Seven String Guitar." has just hit Amazon in print and kindle formats.

This is the second volume of, "Basic Scale Guides for Seven String Guitar."

It's rammed full of 3 and 4 note per string options so you can fly around the neck.

There will be a lot more to follow as well as matching volumes for eight string guitar.

There are a couple of free sample pages below, but please click the links and check out the content on amazon

or just search for title on amazon in your country:

"The Harmonic Minor Scale and its Modes for Seven String Guitar.


  1. Rob - this site is FANTASTIC! Thanks so much sir!

    Can you have a go at something for me....

    Ionian mode For 8 string guitar with the tuning: B'-E-A-d-g-b-e'-a' !!!!

    ....would love you forever! (and put a tenner in the honesty box!)

    Kind regards,


    1. .....Also a copy of the entire fretboard for 8 string with no scales inserted - just the note names....

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  4. Rob, I love this blog and was thinking about buying your book on Amazon. One question: Is it possible to show the fret boards for the scales vertically? I have so much trouble thinking about the fret board horizontally. I know I'm not alone, but have no idea how big this group of 'verticals" are. In any case, love your work. Best, Scott

  5. Many many thanks for you Rob your site are amazing i've been using 7 string drop A and your scales helps me a lots !!!....please do the Hungarian Minor/Double Harmonic Major ( The darkest scale ) on 7 string