Thursday, June 7, 2012

MELODIC MINOR (And its Modes)

This is just a quick summary post for all resources relating to MELODIC MINOR (And its Modes)

Just click on the links below for resources on the individual scales and resources.


THE MELODIC MINOR SCALE: All 7 positions and as 3 octave scale. 

DORIAN b2-  The 2nd mode of Melodic Minor. 

LYDIAN AUGMENTED- The 3rd mode of Melodic Minor.

LYDIAN DOMINANT or LYDIAN b7- The 4th mode of Melodic Minor.

THE HINDU SCALE- The 5th mode of Melodic Minor. 

LOCRIAN NATURAL 2ND- The 6th mode of Melodic Minor. 

SUPER LOCRIAN or THE ALTERED SCALE- The 7th mode of Melodic Minor 

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